Isn’t it time your business made the most of today’s technology?

Cloud services come in more flavors than ice cream and figuring out which blend is right for you can be quite challenging. Fortunately, DTG is here to help. Whether you’re already utilizing some form of cloud services or if you’re just beginning to explore an initial migration, count on us to deliver a customized solution and a smooth transition.

Multi-Cloud Management:

Why put all of your eggs in one basket when a hybrid approach using public and private clouds makes more sense? DTG helps connect enterprises with solutions that manage multiple cloud environments, and we can negotiate better contracts or enhance services on your behalf.

Private Cloud:

Some regulatory standards call for the level of security and accessibility that only a private cloud can provide. Regardless of which industry you operate in, DTG can help you find an ideal private cloud that improves your overall efficiency, cost optimization, and data privacy.

Public Cloud:

From scalability and instant provisioning to virtualized resources and the absence of contracts, public clouds offer an array of attractive benefits to businesses in all sectors. DTG specializes in helping companies find pay-as-you-go cloud ecosystems that suit their needs and fit their budgets.


If hosting all of your IT on-prem is a drain on resources, virtualization can move those same systems into the cloud. This can save you money, improve your productivity, and reduce your utility bills. Our experts know how to leverage virtualization to improve reliability, mobility, and productivity.


For businesses that create apps for customers, a platform-as-a-service solution can drastically improve your development cycle. We’ll show you the ins and outs of PaaS applications and help you use a PaaS environment to reduce complexity, increase availability, and greatly improve developer efficiencies.


Infrastructure as a Service provides a scalable and cost-effective solution for managing expensive hardware that needs to be refreshed regularly. DTG can set you up on an IaaS plan that reduces infrastructure costs and brings a bunch of other benefits.

If you’re ready to discover everything the cloud can do for your business, we’re ready to show you.

Are You Ready to Reclaim Your Time?

Why Work with DTG?


We strive to deeply understand your business on a personal level and provide the unbiased advice you need to excel with your technology – now, and in the future.


Business needs may change as quickly as day to day. We provide strategic support and guidance for your technology so you can take on any obstacles that may come your way.


As a vendor-neutral, third-party technology advisor, we’re committed to providing individualized support and a unique solution that fits your exact needs.


We bring over 20 years of industry experience, well-established relationships with the industry’s top providers, and dedicated subject matter experts to your business.

We Exclusively Work with Vetted Providers

Reap the benefits of our unique relationships and experience with the top vendors in telecom and IT.
Browse some of the providers that power our solutions:

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